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Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Pantry

So some people have been asking for some pictures of what I Stockpile
this is what I NEED for My Family {yours maybe different}
but I however make Breakfast everyday
pack 3 Lunches 5-6 days a week
and make Supper 6-7  nights a week
like I said this is what works for my family
I love knowing I can just go shopping in my basement
if I need something made right quick....
At the end of every month I take inventory and make a list of what I need
and I start looking for the deals
 I don't and won't stock more than 10 of any items
Food Expires....and EVERYTHING goes back on sale again...

See It's not Hoarding
It's a Stockpile
 This is my cube freezer in my basement
it holds my veggies,pasta,bread,breakfast items,etc

 This is my stand up fridge/freezer in my basement
this freezer is for meats ONLY
YES I own 3 freezers.......

And these are my New FREE shelving
my work was getting new ones
and I saved them from the bad bad garbage man.....
So when hubby gets time I will be organizing My Stockpile again
I would do it but they need cut down they are to tall for my basement
Hope this helps you get some ideas....
Don't Stock it if you Ain't gonna use it!!!!

Dr.Suess 1st Birthday

My friend saw this cake online
 and wanted to know if I would make this for her son's 1st Birthday.....
This was a really fun cake to make because it's Dr.Suess
 you can really do whatever and it will look amazing!!!!
Happy Birthday Caden....

Monday, October 24, 2011

Walgreen's 10/23/11

So I know I said NO Shopping this week
but these were really good Stockpiling Prices

So I headed out to Walgreen's and this trip was a good one
it probably could of been better

But I'm still learning to use store coupons and manufactor coupon
plus adding in Register Rewards and doing seperate transactions
{holy cow}saving money is so fun....{wink wink}

You know how you see your friends playing those computer games on Facebook
well this is my weekly game
 "See what I can get cheap"{still working on a good name}

So I bought...

Transaction 1
2 24pk water $2.49each
6pk paper towels $3.00{.50 a roll}
2  Sure deodorant $1.00each
2 candy corn $1.00each
2 Hershey candy fun packs $.99 each
Total OOP $14.38
Saved $16.00
and got a $1.00 off next transaction

Transaction 2
It was $7.99
-$1.00 in store coupon
Total OOP $6.99
Saved $5.00
I got a Regester Reward for $8.00 on next transation
So I bought
Transaction 3
6pk paper towels $3.00
4 grape jellies $1.00each
2 3pk ring pops{filler items} $.74each
after coupons and $8.00 Regester Reward
Total OOP $.72
Saved $16.00

So I got all this

Total OOP $22.09
Saved $39.46
Don't Stock it if you Ain't gonna use it...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free Lighting

So a couple of weeks ago our electric company called
and my husband answered the phone and said
           that the electric company is on the phone,
didn't you pay the bill?
 then you wouldn't have any power...
So I talked to them and they said they are giving away FREE lightbulbs
 heck yeah sign me up....
And these lightbulbs will also save on our electric bill as well....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zuccinni Cobbler

Cherry Picking Shopping

Cherry Picking 101

What is it?
 It means after you have your Stockpile started
 and you are USING it NOT HOARDING it away just to say...Hey look at my Stockpile..{wink wink}

See what you need for your Menu Plan?

What would you like to add if money allows you to?

When you go and do your shopping list You now will be looking at the different stores in your area to get what you have a coupon for and/or is on sale {Watch the sales sometimes its not better}

Look at your pricebook is it a good deal?
{ if you don't have one start one}

Now let's go "Cherry Picking" get those couple of items that you need
I am lucky that I have a town near me that has all the stores right across the way from each other so this works for me it might not for you but just wanted to give you an idea on how I save on my Groceries....
I have looked at next weeks flyers and looked at my Stockpile
 and I don't see anything I will need so next week no shopping....
except a Wacky Wednesday Sale today
Bread is .69 each gonna go stock up on that ....{hopefully}

 Total $94.19
Savings $50.52
County Market
Cheese $1.50each
Yougart $.88
Sour Cream $1.49 each
Frozen Pasta $2.00each
 Giant Eagle
3 Frozen Veggies FREE
4 17oz Cherrios $1.50each
 1 Butter .99
1 Diet Mt Dew 12 pack $1.00
1 Comtrex Medicine $2.99
4 BC Pizza Crust $.64each
8 Fruit Cup 4 pack $1.25each
1 Coffee Filter $.99
1 String Cheese $2.24 
Total $26.47
Savings $33.52
 Giant Eagle
2 Fruit Crisp 2pack $.50 each
Comtrex Cold Medicine
1 was $1.99 and 1 was $2.49
plus I had 2 $.75 off your shopping trip
Total $3.98
Savings $11.00
Tomatoes $1.29
Cucumbers $1.49
Ital Dressing $1.29
Wheat Bread $.99
White Bread $.89
Total $5.95 
Save A Lot
6 Sausage $1.00each
2 Bagged Lettuce $.50each
2 Avacados $1.00each
6 Toliet Paper $.89each
2 Bologna $1.00each
2 Sliced Cheese $.99each
2 KoolAid Jammers $1.79each
1 Onion Ring $1.69
2 Pancake Mix $1.79
4 Pizza $.99each
Total $26.35 Savings $6.00
Friend them on Facebook you get a $5.00 off $25.00 till Oct 31 
Shop n Save
3 Flour Tortillas $1.00each
2 Gnocchi $1.79each
5 Seasoning Packs $.60each 
{not that great of deal but forgot @ other Store I had some at home just wanted some back ups}
Total $9.58
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