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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week 3

So Summer is coming
that means the boys will be eating WAY more,
We will need to save for our Beach/CampingVacation,
and getting our season passes to Idewild
(which we go once a week)

So my grocery bill
is going to need to be less than
$60.00 a week!!!
So I will be Stockpiling
ALOT less for the next couple of months
and REALLY using what I already have stocked...
Week 3:

Giant Eagle: (no sales I needed this week)

3  packs Huggies Wipes
2  2% Kraft Singles
3  Diet Pepsi 2 liters
1  1/4 lb.Deli ham
1  1/4 lb. Deli Bologna

Total Before Sales and Coupons:$18.21
Total Saved: $12.12
Total OOP: $6.09


10  Capri Suns

Sale Price: 2/$4.00
Coupon: BOGO (max.5 boxes)
Total Saved: $10.00
Total OOP: $10.00


1  Squash
1  Pack Roma Tomato
1 Mushrooms
1 bunch Bananas
2 Avocados
3 Romaine Lettuce

1 Coffee Beans
1 Mozz Cheese
1 Taco seas
1 Hard Taco Shells
1 Soft Taco Shells
1 Orange Juice
2 loafs of bread
5 carton of eggs
4 bags mini marshmallows
1 nutri grain bars
1 pop tarts

Total OOP:$35.87

Total Spent this Week: $51.96

Next Week is GREAT for stocking up on meat......

Cheap Spring Flowers

Just went to Walmart and got some spring flowers
 to plant now and they will come up every year in the spring!!! 

 Tulips were $1.00 each (they have 3 bulbs)
I got 9 plants
Hyacinth were $1.50 each (they have 3 bulbs)
I got 3 plants
Dutch Iris bulbs $3.00
Day Lilies $3.00
Total $20.67

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I love Spring!

I'm so doing this tablescape next Easter.....

I LOVE Springtime so much!

 My list of favorite Spingtime things....

-first day you get to finally open up the
 windows and air out the house

 - spring cleaning my house top to bottom

- pulling out the spring decorations

 -driving down the road and seeing
all the flowers start to pop up all over

-grilling out on the deck


 -that first day you get to mow your lawn.... 
Happy Spring ya'll!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 2

Week 2

Giant Eagle:
(Great Week for Stockpiling)

1 Sunday Paper (2 pack)
8 cans of pineapples
4 cans of tropical fruit
4 bags of Rosetto Tortelli
1 bag frozen Mozz Cheese Sticks
2 lg Chickn Broth
4 Stove Top Corn Bread Stuffings
2  2pack Parkay butter tubs
6 Mayos (2 Miracle Whip,2 Real Mayo,2 Real Mayo w/ olive oil)
2 Frozen dinner rolls
4  2pack Dole Fruit Bowls
2 box Pancake Mix
2 pouchs Pancake Mix
2 syrups
1 3pack body soap
1 box of Brown Minute Rice
1 Ken's Marinade
3 Mustards (dejon)
1  10pack Razors
15 kool aid packs
4  2liter Dr Pepper
2 A-1 steak sauce
1 BBQ sauce
2 Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
1 Bakery Italian Bread
2 Shout Spray Laundry Cleaner

Total Before Savings
$ 191.23
Total in Store Card Savings
Total in Coupon Savings
Total in Food Perks Savings( for my husband and I pumping our gas@ GETGO)
Total Savings

Total OOP
and I got a $3.00 off my next shopping trip coupon.....


Lunch Items
2 handi snack packs
1 box granola bars
1 box vanilla wafers
8 mini apple/cherry pies
1 juice boxes
5 spagetti sauce
2 gravy mix
2 wavy chips
4 cubed cheese
1 Bananas
1 head of lettuce
1  2pack bell peppers
1  3pack cucumbers
1 cantelope
1 6pack roma tomatoes
1 bag of onions
1 carton of orange juice
1 honey
1 frozen fries
4 mini pizzas

Total $50.97

Total left over from last weeks budget $26.11
Total this week  $116.12
Left in Budget $10.01
Need to go to Walgreen's yet

Friday, April 15, 2011

week 1

My Grocery Tracker
My Goal is to only spend $100.00 a week
for my Family of 4 that includes fresh produce, dairy, and adding to
 Hope to be @ $50.00 a week very soon!!!
(Saturday thru Saturday)

Giant Eagle

4 deodorants
4 4pack yougarts
4 toothpastes
12 brownie mixes
4 wisp toothbrushes
8 mixes
1/2 lb deli ham
1/2 lb american cheese
1/2 lb deli turkey
1 dr pepper (lol)

Total OOP $36.71
Savings $52.04

2 Sunday Papers (2 pack for $1.51)
       (4 Total Papers)
2  Connect 4 travel Games
4 ready to use Similac Formla
6 salad dressings
2 packs of gum

Total OOP  $18.18
Savings $29.34


4 boxes Corn Flakes
3 Boxes Special K
2 Boxes Rice Krispies(FREE)
1 box Apple Jacks(FREE)
1 box Fruit Loops(FREE)
2 packs oreos
1 Easter Peeps (FREE)
1 bottle of bubbles(FREE)
1 easter chocolate egg(FREE)

Total OOP $19.00
 after in store coupons
sunday paper coupons
CVS  in store rebates
Savings $ ???? my receipt got thrown away (D**N  OCD!!!)

Total this Week
OOP $73.89
Saved $81.38 + CVS savings($15.00 in free products+ Sale Prices for the week)
Under Budget $26.11
***I had milk and produce left over from last week....

Week 1

Giant Eagle
(Doubles Coupons up to .99)


Speedstick Deodorant

Retail Price $2.99
Sale Price $2.00
         Coupon .50 (Doubles)
Total after Coupon $1.00
Savings $1.99

I bought 4
Total OOP $4.00
Price without sale and coupon $11.96
 Savings  $7.96

Colgate Toothpaste

Retail Price $2.49
Sale Price $1.50
Coupon .75 (Doubles)
Total after Coupon $ FREE
Savings $2.49

I bought 4
Total OOP  $ FREE
Price without sale and coupon $9.96
100% Savings  Total $9.96

Colgate Wisp Toothbrushes
(For Camping)

Retail Price$2.49
Sale Price$1.50
Coupon .50 (Doubles)
Total after Coupon $.50 
Savings $1.00

I bought 4
Total OOP $2.00
Price without coupon and sale $ 9.96
  Savings  $ 7.96

Duncan Hines Brownies

Retail Price 2.00
Sale Price $1.25
Coupon $1.00/2
Total after Coupon $1.50/2   (.75 a box)
Savings .50 a Box

I bought 12 boxes
Total OOP $ 9.00
Price without coupons and sale $24.
Savings $15.00

Yoplait Crunch
4 pack 

Retail Price $2.79
Sale Price $ 2.00
Coupon $.75 (Doubles)
Total after Coupon $.50
Savings $2.29

I bought 4
Total OOP $2.00
Total without sale or coupons $11.16
Savings $9.16

Total OOP  $17.00
Total Saved $50.04

Week 1



Kraft Dressing
Retail Price $1.68
Coupon $1.00/2
(you save $1.00 when you buy 2)
Total Price
    $3.36 for 2 dressings
-$1.00 Coupon
Total OOP(out of pocket) $2.36
         That's $1.18 a bottle
your saving .50 but that is a good deal for me
I bought 6 bottles & used 3 coupons
Total $7.08
but I will use those for
 Next Month
 Menu Planning 

1000 island/ Rueban Sandwich's
Ranch/ Salads,dip for carrots,Buffalo chicken wraps
Italian/ pasta salad
Catalina/ Taco Salads

Trident Gum
Retail Price .96
Coupon BOGO(buy one get one free)
Got 2 packs of gum
Total OOP .96

Week 1


Now I don't need formula for myself
 but my husband's friend needs some Diaper Cakes made
 so I just couldn't pass up this deal...
and I had other coupons that I left on the shelf for mommys to find and use....
Similac Ready To Use Formula
Retail Price $5.50
Coupon -$5.00
I PAYED $ .50
( YES that says  50 cents.....)

 I had 4 coupons so I bought 4
Costing me $2.00
Savings $20.00

Week 1

Week of 4/10-4/16

I love this deal we will be traveling alot this spring/summer because of the boys sports and Summer Vacation
 Awesome Easter Basket deal!!
(might go back and get 2 more for my nephews)


-Connect 4 Travel Games
Retail Price $5.24
-Coupon $3.00
Total after Coupon   $2.24

I bought 2 Travel Games
Total after tax $5.11
Savings $6.00

Friday, April 8, 2011


Stockpiling isn't for everyone,but it works for My Family
I love knowing that I always have a
"little" grocery store right in my own home!

My goal is to have enough food & water to last our family
a least a year or more.....

I think that Stockpiling takes time, patience, and it really helps to be organized !!!

The way I started my stockpile....
- I wrote down what items My Family uses

-Then I put then put the items into Categories:
oral health
paper products
canned goods
boxed items
-Then I looked into my  pantry, freezer, fridge, cabinets, anywhere I had these items and organize them into categories
"like items with like items"

 -How many items do I want to have in my Stockpile @ all times?
(Figure out your MAX number to Stock of each item, Because you need to know when NOT to buy anymore!! That's how you become a hoarder)  

              -Then I will ACTUALLY look @ those sale flyers that come in the mail, and my Sunday Paper
-what's on sale this week?
-what do I need in my stockpile?
-what do I have a coupon for?

I shop every week for Milk,fresh produce, and I try to  only buy what I have a coupon for and what is on sale,what I consider MY rock bottom prices!
(The limit I wanna pay for items)

"My Shopping Rules For Myself"

 -Don't be Brand Loyal  try different Brands...

-Don't buy things that your family won't use....


-Don't clear out the shelves....If you more than 10 coupons for an item them please call your store manager and they will make sure they have enough to cover your coupons 

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Monthly Menu

choc chip muffins
Straw/Banana Smothie
Homemade cinn rolls
egg sandwich
yougart parfaits
Blueberry muffins
Choc Chip Waffles
Banana Nut Muffins
Toaster Strudel
Omelets w/tst
Scrambeled eggs,sausage, and biscuits
French tst

homemade lunchables:
pepperoni,cheese,and crackers
cheese roll ups
egg salad sandwich
tuna fish sandwich
lettce wraps w/ chicken salad
cold spagetti
ham bbq
canned soup w/ salad

we go out to eat on Saturdays.

rest of the month
cabbage rolls,mashed pot,cresent rolls
cheeseburgr sliders,oven fries,grapes
lasagna, salad w/ homemade ranch, homemade bread
chicken kbobs,rice,pasta salad
stuffed shells,spinach saladw/ hot bacon dressing,garlic tst
chicken stir fry,rice
wedding soup,homemade bread
spagetti casserole,garlic tst
tacos x 4
salsbury steak, new potatos, green beans, cornbread
chicken and dumplings
ital sausage on hoagie buns w/ penna pasta w/ sauce
pierogie casserole steamed broc
Italian meatloaf,baked potato, corn,dinner rolls
hamburger helper, oven fries, peas, corn bread
chicken and cheese enchiladas, spanish rice, refried beans
sloppy joes,chippers, cantelope
honey dijon pork chops, baked pot, corn, dinner rolls
Spagetti w/ meat balls
Pizza rolls
patty melts,oven fries
rice a roni, aug potatoes,corn bread
tator tot casserole, corn


oatmeal choc chip cookies
strawberry pretzels salad
pumpin roll
mini apple or cherry pies


chips and dip
veggies and dip
crackers and homemade dip
salsa con queso

Monthly Menu Planning

Every 1st Sunday of the Month
I will sit down and figure out our
Monthly Menu Plan 
           I figure out what is in our
stockpile, freezers, and fridges
and see if that will be a full month of
***now this isn't for everyone!!
I started this about 6 months ago,
 when I took over the grocery bill,
before that my husband payed for the groceries and I would go to the store and spend $175-$200 
and not use a single coupon(shame on me)
and I would also buy the SAME thing every week!
At least I had a weekly menu..lol

But now I'm a born again shopper!
we always have different Dinners every day of the month
(except Tacos cause we eat them once a week)
"Family Favorite Dinner"
but Breakfast and Lunches are sometimes the same ideas just switched around..

 Now I shop and it's my goal to spend no more than
$100 a week
and that is ONLY buying 
fresh produce,milk &
 what's on sale and/or that I have coupons for
 then I  use what I buy that week and add to my Stockpile 
for next month's Menu 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adding To My Blog

So I think I'm gonna start some "New" things to my blog.....

Because besides  owning my Small Business 
I am a Momma and a Wife
I LOVE to be in my kitchen cooking
also having a Clean and Organized Home 
so I making some changes.....

I'm gonna share my tips on....
Menu Planning

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